Honored to have been a part of such a great series!

The Greatest Women in Translation (#gr8estwomenxl8) series, by Brazilian translator Caroline Alberoni, interviews women only, and each interviewee is nominated by the previous one. The idea is that each interviewee appoints a woman they look up to and admire in translation.

Check out my interview and those of other wonderful women translators out there!

Carol's Adventures in Translation


Welcome back to our Greatest Women in Translation series! Since our last “interview” was actually a tribute, it was my turn again to nominate someone and restart the thread. Since my first nomination was a foreign translator (Marta Stelmaszak, from Poland), this time, to be fair, I decided to nominate a Brazilian role model. I must confess I’m curious to see where this thread will take us.

Now please welcome Melissa Harkin.

melissa harkin1.When I created my professional Twitter account, you were the first person I followed. You were my only Brazilian role model. I admired (and still do, of course) your professionalism and your online presence. Could you tell us a bit about your beginning?

Well, I guess my main driver back then was that I was tired of the ‘same old’ pattern in business relationships, regardless of the industry. I was tired of e-mails, machines, lack of customer…

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